Snow Goose


February hunts start in South Central Illinois. We move to West Central Illinois about mid February in order to stay ahead of the migration. These locations can vary from year to year depending on the weather and bird migration. In March we move over into Western Iowa to get a fresh start on a new migration route. We will move north through Western Iowa, much like Illinois in order to stay ahead of the migration.

Hunts in Illinois: February 1- 31
Hunts in Iowa: March 1-26

License Information:

Illinois License: 5-day non-resident–$28.75, state waterfowl stamp–$10.50.

Iowa License: "per year only" non-resident–$80.50,
Snow Goose
non-resident under 18–$30.50.


Towns and motels will vary depending on hunt locations.
We will stay in touch with motel options and locations.

What to bring:

•a shotgun: 20 guage up to 10 guage (bring an extra gun if available)

•shot shells: #2's through #BBB's/your preference. My favorite size is #BB double B's. Plan on using 2-3 boxes per day.

•hunting gear: for cold and mild weather

•rain gear: including mud boots and extra gloves

•cooler and gear to clean birds: we do not offer bird cleaning, but will always pitch in to help when we have time.


Other information:

1. We stress gun safety at all times.
2. No alcoholic beverages before or during the hunt.
3. The guide will give a short re-fresher each morning.
4. Shoot straight.
5. Up to. 8 hunters per day.
6. Electronic calls.
7. No-limits.
8. Un-plugged shot guns.
9. 1,000 plus full bodies per year.
10. Insulated layout blinds.
11. 2 hour mid-day lunch break.
12. Please call for pricing to book a private group hunt.
13. Have Fun!


$175.00 per day/adult.
$50.00 per day/youth under 16 years of age when accompanied by a paying adult.


To book a snow goose hunt contact:
Kip Zarse at Zarse Outdoors
8035 WEst 510 South
West Point, IN 47992
Phone: 765.430.1924

50% down payment due within one week after
booking a hunt.